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I received a call from TTG Consultants.The appointment scheduler indicated that "my resume had been reviewed" but they want to meet me to see what they could do for me.

She was very insistent. I always hesitate to meet recruiters because they don't usually help all that much, so I started asking questions. She wouldn't answer anything except to say that they only meet in person to discuss my needs. As soon as I looked at their website, I knew they wanted to sell me something.

Thank you, Pissed Consumer, for the warning.I cancelled my appointment.

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I worked with TTG Consultants in San Jose on a successful job search and would use them again if I needed to. They were extremely responsive, always willing to listen and really kept me on track and focused. Their knowledge of the job market and how to highlight my skills and experience in the best possible light were key to me getting a job.


What office or city of TTG contacted you?I received a similar call and met with them.

They were selling their services and I also bristle a bit that the approach was not more apparent, but the meeting was somewhat useful.

Has anyone out their worked with them?What were the results?

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